PFG Fiber Glass Corporation of Taiwan was founded on August 1987 and the production started in March 1991. PFG Taiwan is a manufacturer of electronic-grade glass yarn and reinforcement-grade glass fiber. Annual production capacity with three furnaces is 90,000 MT, of which 80,000 MT is electronic-grade glass yarn.

The information and electronic industry is flourishing globally, and PCB, CCL and Glass Fabric Plants are continuously expanding; so the demand for electronic-grade glass yarn is increasing dramatically. In order to supply Glass Fabric Plants in PRC with sufficient glass yarn, PFG Fiber Glass (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2001 and production started in September 2003. The annual production capacity of PFG (Kunshan) is 30,000 MT and the capacity will be increased to 70,000 MT after completion of its second phase expansion, scheduled for mid 2006, which will bring the total annual production capacity to 160,000 MT for both electronic-grade glass yarn and reinforcement-grade glass fiber.

PFG has been improving and adopting new and advance manufacturing technology for more than 10 years, and is now a recognized global leader in electronic-grade glass yarn. Quality and environmental management are our business enterprise's life. Besides pushing quality improvements with every effort to satisfy our client's increasing need for quality, PFG's quality and environmental management have been certificated by the ISO system as follows:

1.Our quality management was certified by L.R.Q.A. in Oct., 1993 and B.C.I.Q. in Mar., 1995. (ISO 9002/CNS 12682)

2.Our environmental management system was certified by B.C.I.Q. in Mar., 1998. (ISO 14001/CNS14001)

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